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August 22, 2004



I think it's a great jumping-off-point for what could potentially be a really delicious recipe...not a bad thing, if you ask me! Most of my recipes are just that -- a learning curve for future meals. Congrats (is this your first IMBB event?)!


Yes, this was my first IMBB. After watching the previous six from the sidelines, it looked too fun not to take part! I'll definitely have to try making these dumplings again sometime with a few changes. It's funny that even though I've been eating dim sum practically all my life, I found myself so unfamiliar with the techniques and ingredients used in the recipe.

By the way, do you know if there are any other Toronto food bloggers out there? I haven't been able to find very many.


Love the sharp clear pics and as for the taste, I'm sure you're your own harshest critic.


oooh -- i wasn't brave enough to try making my own dough! cheers to you, and congratulations -- they look beautiful!

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