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August 15, 2004


Allen George

In my case, the biggest impediment to dining is battling with my friends and acquiantances' comfort zones.

Although I haven't had any experience making food (yet) since I'm in the final years of my degree, I enjoy trying out varied cuisines. To me, there is nothing more interesting or enjoyable than trying out a new restaurant that could have a different take on the standard. Or something entirely different!

Unfortunately, I've found that people can be very leery about venturing into the unknown...


Hi Allen, I agree it can be challenging to get friends to try out new and different foods – especially when everyone’s paying for their own meal. It's definitely good to have a few friends who like to eat, and see it as an experience or entertainment, similar to going to a hockey game or play.

Since I often invite friends over for dinner, I’ve found it important to tailor my menu to suit my guests’ eating preferences. Some of my friends love gourmet food and appreciate the quality of ingredients and the complexity of the dishes. Other friends couldn't care less whether I was serving hot dogs or rack of lamb for dinner, and would rather eat foods that they’re familiar with. On occasions when I've spent days preparing dinner for the latter group, I felt as though I had wasted my time and money. But admittedly, I didn't have anyone to blame but myself since I invited them over, and it wasn't for me to decide what they liked to eat.

Nice site btw. I'm a computer engineer grad too, but from Queen's.


Empire Restaurant Lounge, Toronto 416-840-8440
Highly recommended very good food
I have been to Empire restaurant I love the food. I loved the Duck spring rolls and the Sizzling beef short ribs for starter
and Rack of Lam and Surf and Turf for main.
I highly recommend Empire restaurant.

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