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November 21, 2004



hey, i love your blog. i have a question though, i've used your directions for macarons about 5 times now, and i can't for the life of me make them right. they generally don't have that nice shiny crust, never have feet (except maybe almost once), burn too fast on the bottom, and half the time are pretty chewy.

i think the problem is with how long i mix it. i try to combine all the sugar/almond in about 4 goes, and often the batter is still rather stiff. i'm afraid to keep mixing though, so i stop, but my macarons are still half really chewy. any suggestions? or is it because i don't leave my eggwhites out long enough? i leave them out most of the time about 15 hours.


welmoed muller

i am so glad to finally find a good recipe for mcarons ! thank you for the great layout too; i tried many times and had actually found a recipe thru the internet that was put together from several different ones, and it sort of worked . The ONE VERY HELPFUL TIP on how to safely release the macarons from the bakingsheet : use a double sheet or i added a sheet of aluminum foil underneath my bakingpaper, after they are done, you spoon some water (w spoon) between the two layers and the macarons will easily release, it helped me a lot.

Thomas Vreriks

Hello... did you manage to come to Paris to try out Pierre Hermé's macarons? They are UNBELIEVABLE... Rose, olive oil, I don't remember all of them but they were all quite fantastic... And don't forget to bring some of their chocolates. Extraordinary and superspecial! Thanks for the recipes as well!


Hello, I'm from Toronto and currently living in London, England. Have tried Laduree Macaroons at the small Laduree in Burlington Arcade and am obsessed. I have to move back to Toronto in September and would like to know where I can find them in Toronto? Anyone know? because I will die if I can't have proper macaroons back home!

Lisa Michele

I just want to thank you, as this entry helped me on way to finally mastering the finicky macaron. That said, I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time now, and if you don't mind, I added your blog to my blogroll, so anyone who visits my site, will be able to link to your fanastic, informative writing, photos and recipes. :)


I wanted to try and make macarons as I love baking, and I wanted a challenge! Read ur advice religiously and would like to thank you so much! I thought it would turn out disastrous and was really nervous because I told people here in Saudi Arabia that I was making them! So several family members came over expecting macarons. Which I only realized yesterday morning that they will most probably flop! But actually, they came out better than perfect :) exactly like in the pictures, it was so deliciously soft, and, may i add, french :) I could go on saying how good they were! Thank you so much! Your a macarons genious!
looking forward to trying the others!


I would love to make the Caramel-Fleur de Sel Macarons.
But, did I miss the recipe for the butter caramel.?

I followed this recipe to a T and everything came out perfectly! Just like the ones I had in Marseille, France. Thanks a bunch for your post.


just a quick question, but do the salt and sesame seeds stick when you sprinkle them on post baking?



i can't wait to try this recipe! thank you so much! i have one question. is it supposed to be 8 oz of almond flour or 4 oz? 4 is only 1/2 a cup.


hi there, i made your macarons last week with my youngest son...i posted them on my blog today...the size was kind of off...i will try to work on that next time i make them...they were delicious...thanks!!!

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