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November 20, 2004

Molecular Gastronomy Resources

I’ve just begun to read Harold McGee’s recent revision of On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore of the Kitchen. The book covers a wide range of topics in detail – from how cheeses are made, to the science behind tempered chocolate. As you might expect, the explanations can sometimes become quite technical. But the writings I’ve read so far have been very clear and concise, and relatable to my own cooking. Hopefully this book will help me become a better cook. After all, who can question your cooking technique when it’s been scientifically proven to work?

While I’m on the topic of molecular gastronomy ('the science of deliciousness’), I thought I would compile a list of resources to help keep track of developments in this rapidly changing field. Posted below is what I’ve come across so far, and I’ll continue to add to the list as I learn more. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me if you have anything to add, or if you feel that something that’s listed shouldn’t be there.

Columns, Forums and Blogs
Organizations, Companies and Events

Restaurants and Stores

Columns, Forums and Blogs
eGullet: The Alinea Project
Food for Design
Hungry In Hogtown
Molecular Gastronomy and the Science of Cooking
Movable Feast
Pierre Gagnaire
The Guardian: Heston Blumenthal
The Times: Heston Blumenthal

BBC Radio 4: Kitchen Cornucopia (6/2001)
eGCI: Science of the Kitchen: Taste (4/2004)
eGCI: Science of the Kitchen: Texture (6/2004)
eGullet Q&A: Ferran Adrià (12/2004)
eGullet Q&A: Grant Achatz (3/2003)
eGullet Q&A: Harold McGee (11/2004)
eGullet Q&A: Heston Blumenthal (10/2002)
INRA: Recent Advances in Molecular Gastronomy (1/2005)

Cookwise (Shirley Corriher, 1997)
El Bulli 1983-1993 (Spanish) (Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià, 2005)
El Bulli 1994-1997 (Spanish) (Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià, 2005)
El Bulli 1998-2002 (Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià, 2003)
El Bulli 2003-2004 (Spanish) (Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià, 2005)
Kitchen Chemistry (Ted Lister, Heston Blumenthal, 2005)
Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor (Hervé This, 2005)
On Food and Cooking (Harold McGee, 2004)
Sous-Vide Cuisine (Joan Roca, 2005)
The New Kitchen Science (Howard Hillman, 2003)
The Science of Cooking (Peter Barham, 2001)
What Einstein Told His Cook (Robert Wolke, 2002)
What Einstein Told His Cook 2 (Robert Wolke, 2005)

MG in Copenhagen (Thorvald Pedersen, 2004)
Molecular Gastronomy: a scientific look to cooking (Hervé This, 2004)
Workshop On Molecular Gastronomy (Harold McGee, 2004)

Eat This: Extreme Cuisine (Week 1, Episode 2)

Organizations, Companies and Events
Asociacion Argentina de Gastronomia Molecular

Innova Concept
International Workshop on Molecular Gastronomy
Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía
Molecular Gastronomy Discussion List
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Research Chefs Association
Seminar INRA on Molecular Gastronomy

Peter Barham (University of Bristol)
Davide Cassi (Universita' di Parma)
David Gray and Andy Taylor (University of Nottingham)
Nicholas Kurti (Oxford University)
Harold McGee
Thorvald Pedersen (Royal Veterinary and Agricultural Unversity of Denmark)
Jorge Ruiz (Universidad de Extremadura)
Hervé This (INRA/Collège de France)

Restaurants and Stores

Fenix (Richmond, VIC; Chef Raymond Capaldi)

DC Duby (Richmond, BC; Chefs Dominique and Cindy Duby)
Lobby (Toronto, ON; Chef Robert Bragagnolo)

Pierre Gagnaire (Paris, Chef Pierre Gagnaire)

Amador (Langen, Chef Juan Amador)
Remake (Berlin, Chef Cristiano Rienzner)

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni (Como Lake, Chef Ettore Bocchia)

Tapas Molecular Bar (Tokyo, Chef Jeff Ramsey)

Saint Pierre (Chef Emmanuel Stroobant)

Alkimia (Barcelona, Chef Jordi Vilà)
Comerç 24 (Barcelona, Chef Carles Abellan)
El Bulli (Rosas, Chef Ferran Adrià)
Espai Sucre (Barcelona, Chef Jordi Butrón)
Mugaritz (Otzazulueta, Chef Andoni Aduriz)
Restaurante Arzak (San Sebastian, Chef Juan Mari Arzak)

United Kingdom
Anthony's (Leeds, Chef Anthony Flinn)
The Fat Duck (Bray, Chef Heston Blumenthal)

United States
Alinea (Chicago, IL; Chef Grant Achatz)
Antidote (Sausalito, CA; Chef Eric Torralba)
Café Atlántico (Washington, DC; Chef Jose Andres)
Cru (New York, NY; Chef Shea Gallante)
davidburke and donatella (New York, NY;Chef David Burke)
Gilt (New York, NY; Chef Paul Liebrandt)
Minibar (Washington, DC; Chef Jose Andres)
ONE.Midtown Kitchen (Atlanta, GA; Chef Richard Blais)
Restaurant L (Boston MA; Chef Pino Maffeo)
Room 4 Dessert (New York, NY; Chef Will Goldfarb)
Moto (Chicago, IL; Chef Homaro Cantu)
wd-50 (New York, NY; Chef Wylie Dufresne)
Venue (Hoboken, NJ; Chef James George)

Clifton Food Range
Electrolux Cook Chill System
iSi Profi/Gourmet Whip
Rational SelfCooking Center
Techne Thermoregulator

Paris Gourmet: Cuisine-Tech
Texturas | Albert y Ferran Adrià
Will Powder

Last modified: October 1, 2006


Hi Clement, found your blog randomly while looking for a green tea cookie recipe on the internet. Love the pics of your food! Very stylish! :)

By the way, if you do hv any good green tea cookie recipes, pl let me know! Cheers!

I have read most of this book (in the first edition) and I love it. The chapter on eggs really improved my custards - the way that eggs react to heat can be complicated, but McGee really spells it all out. Now I can comfortably second guess a recipe if it doesnt seem to be working. Have you noticed a big difference between the second edition and the first? Just wondering if I need to buy it again.

Hi Spots - thanks for visiting. I don't have much experience with green tea, although I did make green tea macarons once. Just follow the recipe from my post on November 21st, and add 2 tsps of green tea powder to the batter, and 1 or 2 tsps to the buttercream. Also check out Sadaharu Aoki's website; he's a Japanese pastry chef in Paris, and his work might give you some ideas.

Hi Sasha - I haven't read the first edition of On Food and Cooking, but in the introduction of his latest revision, McGee says that he's expanded the book by two-thirds, and rewriten all the other chapters from the first edition. He also says that the second edition gives more emphasis to the diversity of ingredients and the ways in which they're prepared, and to the particular molecules that create flavours.

This is kind of unrelated, but I was wondering if you've had any experience with the Japanese Benriner mandolines. I don't think I need a fancy French model, so I am leaning towards buying a Super Benriner.

The Benriner is one of those things that after you've had it for two days, you just can't figure out how you ever got along without it. They work very well, but make sure you get the one with two adjusting screws (not one) to help prevent uneven slicing.

Thanks Ron - I will definitely try it out and keep your advice in mind!

Don't fail to get Harold's revised has far more salient content and precision than the first pass. No one should even remotely consider cooking professionally without reading (and memorizing most of..) this book.
in the netherlands

I am very interested in internationa cooperation in this field of advanced food knowledge.

Very cordially Paolo Manzelli EGOCREANET /dept.Chemistry Univ. Florence

Hello there

I have really enjoyed your page.

Thank you

Dear a la Cuisine!,
My name is Shirley Hall and I am the marketing manager at Paris Gourmet, a manufacturer/importer/distributor of specialty food ingredients serving the professional food trade. I really enjoyed
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Visit us on line at (search BRANDS droplist on home page for CUISINE-TECH). We really enjoy your web site
and all the effort put into this exciting new
trend of cuisine.
Shirley Hall

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how can cuisine tech use the trademarked and copyrighted names of the texturas line without punishment?
best regards
will goldfarb

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would you know of any colleges/universitys that teach molecular gastonomy?

Hi There

We just found your web-site and were wondering if any one could direct us to "Molecular Gastronomy" ingredient suppliers, distributors in Toronto or Canada. Any unlikely suppliers you would suggest Ie, Health food stores and pharmaceutical co.'s in the GTA.
Thanks much, have just purchased the ebulli 2003 and 04 books and dying to use them.

Im currently attending school at the cooking and hospitality institute of chicago, i a have a passion for molecular gastronomy, can you please send me more feedback on the subject? Thank you Otoniel R.

Im currently attending school at the cooking and hospitality institute of chicago, i a have a passion for molecular gastronomy, can you please send me more feedback on the subject? Thank you Otoniel R.

under the title restaurants and stores
Remake (Berlin, Chef Cristiano Rienzner)
Cristiano Rienzner has just opened Taller berlin in partnership with juan sole producer of ferran adrias textures
check out the website

I am looking for someone to teach a 4 day course on molecular gastronomy at my cooking school in guatemala, 50% demo 50% practical, if anyone is interested please contact me, gracias

[email protected]

i saw on alinea web site that they use smokes in food you know any think about it or maybe you know wich product used to get smokes.Thank ypou

Chef Johnny Kirk has brought "molecular gastronomy" to Memphis, TN at his downtown eatery, Stella.

The Fat Duck in Bray is a wonderful molecular gastronomic experience! I have started experimenting with it too ever since watching and experiencing Heston's food! Thank you for your great list of resources!


amazing pages around this topic !
I also suggest to visit the website of a french company where you'll find not only ingrdients but also kits containing ingredients and whatever necessary to make crazy stuff. I have seen their kits have been selected as trendy and innovative during last SIAL in France.
Interesting !


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