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February 22, 2005



What a neat idea for a tasting!


Hi Clement,

wow just reading this (and looking at the pics) almost makes me sugar-high too! That Wild Squash Truffle sounds truly unique and looks delicious... if you are done with sweet stuff for now, feel free to send the rest of truffles to me :) Thanks for sharing goodies of Canada!


As always a wonderful exploration around a single theme--maple carmel and maple butter and that truffle--geez, how divine.

raspberry sour

mmmm, lucky you. i want to get paid to do a job like that. and read books too, while i'm on the wish list.


Clement this is amazing - the sacrifices you made for this award! All that tasting must have been oh so tiring and difficult to get through...I admire you. ; )

Great idea and a wonderful showcase of something so utterly Canadian. And thanks so much for giving me all these places to get maple-laden treats...Next time I'm getting mustard at St. Lawrence I'll be sure to check out Giftworks for some maple brittle and W.C. Haggart's supply of maple butter and maple sugar...those are my two favourite maple candy-type things in the world!


Great survey! Yet I am surprised that you did not try anything from Quebec...
I moved to Montreal three years ago and it is a great place for foodies and chocolate lovers!
Have a look at this website, if you are not tired of chocolate already :
The Globe & Mail featured her in an article on chocolate not so long ago, it is really worth a visit!


You have done a marvelous job here Clement! We were talking in school the other day about Maple Syrup and I was surprised to find that Canada actually imports a great deal of Grade A maple syrup from the USA. I think this is because they export their best stuff for the international market, leaving little for their own. Do you have any insight on this? It was only a brief sidebar in class, but it caught my attention.

Lisa Bryan

Thanks for sharing your results with us. I love maple, so I really enjoyed this. Thought I'd mention for your American readers that Trader Joe's (in mostly blue states) has something that looks just like the milk chocolate maple cream you included above. It comes in a box with about 12, half dark chocolate, half milk chocolate, with maple filling. Trader Joe's does a lot of private labeling, so it could be the same product. And they're sublime!


Thanks everyone for your kind words. It was definitely a fun project, something I'd like to do more often.

Chika - I would send you some, but I already ate all the good ones.. but maybe when I make maple macarons and deep fried maple ice cream :)

Raspberry Sour - I wish I got paid to do this too!

Jennifer - W.C. Haggart's maple syrup stand is great. Such a wide selection of maple syrup, and a great source of knowledge. I think I'm going to have to try Anton Kozlik's Amazing Maple mustard.. sounds like the best of both worlds!

Delph - I know.. I would have really liked to have tried something from Quebec, especially since it's the largest source of Canada's maple syrup. Thanks for the link - Geneviève Grandbois' chocolates look beautiful and unique. I will certainly take time to visit next time I'm in Montréal.

Sasha - I didn't realize that Canada imports maple syrup from the states.. it seems a bit odd. Unfortunately I don't know much about the industry. The grocery stores and booths I visited appear to exclusively carry Canadian maple products, and they seem to be widely available. But perhaps some large commercial users of maple syrup may import from the US? - just a guess.

Lisa - Glad you liked the article, and thanks for sharing your maple syrup sources with us.

S. Worthen

Inspired by your post, I ordered a box of DC Duby's truffles.

You're right, they're good, and one of the best things about them is how understated the flavorings are.

I'll try a few more of the contenders next time I'm at St. Lawrence Market.


Hi S. - I'm glad you liked the Duby truffles. They're certainly amongst the most unique truffles I've had. If you haven't already done so, take a look at their cookbook, Wild Sweets - it's full of interesting and spectacular recipes.


caramel custard candies Karen makes a caramel covered candy that could be adapted to make your squash truffles and then roll in chocolate. I am going to try your idea and her technique to see if I can come up with your taste--it should be a confection for Nouvelle France!


Hi Carol - I apologize for my incredibly slow reply. That's a very interesting and creative idea. Did you end up trying it? If so, how did they turn out?

chef 'em out

The 2005 NY State maple syrup production was down by about 13% compared to 2004. Maybe NY state producers will import from Canada this year.

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