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February 01, 2005



Hi Clement,

Beautiful as always... and I have a soft spot for lemon tarts!

The book also sounds good. What else have you tried and found good? (but I shouldn't be buying any more baking book anytime soon...)


Hi Clement,

This looks so wonderful. I like almost anything lemon and this qualifies 100%. I'm just wondering, did you find the flavor of this lemon tart really tart? Sometimes they can be a bit too sweet because of the amount of sugar used.


Don't worry, I'm sure the puff pastry will rise just fine. I found my first time making it a bit of an adventure (and I'd hardly had any of the experience you have with baking) but the end result came out perfectly! Make sure you take heaps of photos to share!


clement, i must try that recipe. i was at city bakery in manhattan this past fall, and that tart was amazing.


Chika - Happy birthday! In addition to this tart, I’ve tried the Square Pear Peg Tart and the White Chocolate Cream with Raspberry. I also like to substitute the tart pastry into other tart recipes, since it's so easy to make; it can be kneaded without affecting texture, and blind baking doesn't require beans or weights. Many of the recipes in the book are also quite creative.

Reid - I thought the flavour was a good balance between sweet and tart. It's similar in taste to Thomas Keller's lemon sabayon, although I think this one might be creamier, and Keller's is lighter since it's whipped. The meringue also adds extra sweetness to balance the tart filling.

Eric - Thanks. It did come out okay, although the inside was a bit too moist. I'll have to play around with the time and temperature tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I still have 10 more days to figure it out :)

Dexygus - I wish I could go to City Bakery so I could taste all their tarts, and decide which ones I want to make. I'll post the recipe for this one later today.


Hi Clement,

excellent photography...may i know what camera are using to take your food pictures?


Thanks Nonchann - I currently use a Canon S230 point and shoot digital camera. If you're interested, here's a description of my setup.


wow..that's pretty amazing!really awesome sis has a food blog too.It's at do drop by sometime and have a look! Cheers.


Clement, those fabulous lemon tarts one dreams about can be found at a Bloor West Village restaurant, in Toronto, called Lemon Meringue!


Nonchann - Thanks, your sister certainly has a nice site, and the most unusual wallpaper I've ever seen!

Renne - Thanks for the tip; I'll make to check it out sometime.

Linda Mace

Help - would love to make these but where do I buy the little scoop style tins??

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