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February 11, 2005



ooh, that's a handsome Detrempe.
Sadly, my puff pastry didn't have the steam to get over the hump (note, after the many hours of prep, sad doesn't quite state my mood). I was planning to use Sherry Yard's very good Secrets of Baking, the classic mille-feuille napoleon recipe to be exact, but once the puff fell I was left with only hulled and quartered strawberries and a a heavily whipped pastry cream. I drowned my sorrows in the cream.


Your photos always make my mouth water! Your puff pastry attempts look great. I have been planning to make my own puff pastry, too. I was going to use the recipe in Baking with Julia, but now maybe I'll try the Pierre Hermé!


I am so sorry
I am out of time and I keep reading about everyone elses failures, and I just don't have time right now to fail right now :)
I have the idea for what I want to put in my puff pastry, I have all the ingredients, but I haven't done it.
If I get round to it this weekend, I will post late.
Sorry not to be a proper part of it this time round.
Thanks for sharing all your results with us!


Clement, I also wanted to participate, but was just too damned lazy. I intended to make Herme's puff, and incorporate it in a Frederic Bau dessert.

Thanks for taking us on your puff pastry journey. As always, an engaging read.

One, question, when you cut your finished puff, was the dough well-chilled and firm, and was your knife (or other cutting instrument) sharp? If you don't have a clean cut, the layers will mash together where it was cut. It looks like that might be what happened with your first two attempts. I actually like to cut my puff partially frozen.


Andy - Sorry to hear about your results. Did you use Sherry Yard's master puff pastry recipe? I found it somewhat difficult to follow since there weren't any diagrams or photos. I hope you do give it another try. Or check out Hermé's inside-out puff pastry - I found it easier to work with.

Mariko - Thanks for visiting - your macarons from a few weeks ago looked so delicious! You should definitely give puff pastry a try sometime, it's well worth the time and effort.

Sam - I hope you can make your puff pastry dessert sometime. If you do, please let me know and I'll add it to the round-up.

Renee - Wow. I'd really like to see that Frederic Bau dessert sometime - I've heard so many good things about his creations. I probably used a fairly new Victorinox 10" serrated knife to cut the puff pastry, so it should have been okay. But I'll definitely keep that in mind the next time I make it. Thanks for the tip.


I used to have a method of making puff pastry from Bon Appétit, but lost it . Do you have it? It also have Detrempe .

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