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March 18, 2005



I'm just two hours away from a (hopefully) wonderful meal at our favorite French restaurant in Munich. When I have a look at your gorgeous photos, I for one wish it was already two hours later and secondly think you would be a great chef de cuisine! Very sophisticated arrangements and - even if I never tried them I don't have the slightest doubt about it - amazingly delicious...
Keep up the great work ;)


Wow, each component looks like an easy recipe, but when you put it all together, it looks classy! I'll have to try the raost pineapple. I think roasting is the best way to cook produce, as it concentrates the flavors and makes stuff soft in the middle, charred on the outside.

Sixy Beast

Clement - don't waste your time on writing posts for us. Just hurry up and open that dream restaurant of yours, won't you?????!
(it's in our dreams too)


And how about a glossy photo cookbook while you're at it! Really Clement, your posts are such a treat (a lick your fingers sticky treat!). I could see you offering a calander featuring your beautiful photos... really, I would bite.


i am so impressed with everything you make! the components seem quite simple, but when you combine them, it all looks so beautiful. and most importantly, delicious. i don't usually like purely fruit desserts, but this makes me drool uncontrollably. :)


I'm amazed again at your wonderful composition and photography. The flavors seem inspired and your site remains an inspiration for me to do better. Chefdoc


What a wonderful choice! Passion fruit, pineapple and caramel! Your photo is super! I have to put this one to the top of the list of recipes to try for a wedding I'm doing soon! Thank you!


Another elegant creation... so beautiful.
I've ordered The Last Course by the way, I can't wait to try her recipes!


Hi Clement,

Once again...AMAZING! There's nothing else left for me to say.


Clement, again you upped the ante with SHF - with such a simple yet oh so complexly (is that a word?) flavoured dish. Extrordinary, really. Thanks so much!


Clement, your creation looks fabulous and sounds to die're an artist!


Clement, such a treat! Delicious and good for you and beautiful!


fantastic, elegant and so delicious-looking. yet another amazing creation!


Nicky - Thanks for your kind words. I've only been to Munich once when I was 11, but I hope I'll have a chance to visit soon, specifically to eat! Btw, I think your site is beautiful - your pictures are so vibrant.

Jessica - I was amazed at how different pineapple tastes when it's roasted. It's so succulent.

Sam - I'm flattered :) I think I still have a long ways to go, but seriously, I can't stop thinking about it!

McAuliflower - Thanks. I'm not sure if I'd have the skill to pull that off, but I think a project like TastingMenu's All About Apples e-cookbook would be very fun and worthwhile.

Emily - It's one of the simplest desserts I've made, but also one of my favourites. Have you seen the new plating and presentation course on eGullet? It has some great advice!

Chefdoc - Thanks. I was very impressed by your SHF 6 dessert too, it looks delicious. Btw, sorry I haven't gotten back to you on your site. I'll do it as soon as I can.

Chronicler - Give it a try. You might also want to try cooking the pineapple chops sous vide in a vacuum bag in hot water. That way, you can just plop them all in a pot of water. I tried it myself and the pineapple was very juicy, tender, and succulent. But you may still want to give the chops a quick sear if you like the browning.

Keiko - That's great, I look forward to seeing what you'll make. Your pictures are so amazing – they’re in a class of their own!

Reid - Thanks!

Jennifer - I really have to thank you again for coming up with SHF. Otherwise, I don't think I would have had the motivation to try all these different desserts.

Moira - I'm not sure if I'd consider myself to be an artist, but I do enjoy playing with food :)

Carolyn - Honestly, I didn't realize it was a (relatively) nutritious dessert until you mentioned it. I'm so used to using cream, yolks, and sugar that nutritious desserts have become somewhat of an oxymoron! So thanks for mentioning it.

Josie - Thanks. I really like the illustrations on your site. Your style is wonderful and reminds me of the drawings in Paris Sweets, although I like yours better.


I like "A La Cuisine".
I will read it every day from now on.
I posted a link from

From Caracas, Venezuela,
María Luisa


Hi Maria - Thanks for visiting my blog. If you have any suggestions for improvement please let me know!


Clement...very nice. The presentation is great dude. Simply and to the point. ;)




Wonderful blog you've got here! I recently stumbled upon it by accident, and it's great to know there are other home chefs who have that same passionate zeal for consuming and cooking. It was great reading the About section because it was like reading my own story of how I got involved in this existential art. You've got a wonderful writing style that speaks out to people. I tried two of your dishes this past weekend, and they were fabulous. Keep posting!


Hi Clement!
We really miss your exceptional posts, hope you're only taking a temporary break ;)


A warm regard from Indonesia.
I love your blog..and I do love drives me nuts! :)
Great job!! :) keep blogging..
Should try to cook chinese...or Indonesian food ..;)


J.T. - Thanks, I really appreciate it, especially coming from a pastry chef extraordinaire such as yourself!

Thecookingkoala - Thanks so much for visiting! I'm gratified that you tried a couple of my recipes, and that they worked out well - which ones did you try?

Hi Nicky - I'm finally back. And I really hope I can begin to post on a regular basis again. I think you have an incredible blog. I've never come across another blog that’s so perfect in design and layout. It looks like thought was given to the smallest of details, and of course your photos and writings are wonderful too!

Hi Finna - Thanks for visiting. I'm Chinese-Canadian, so I do sometimes cook Chinese food (although I'm not very good at it). I'd like to give Indonesian food a try too sometime.

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