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June 18, 2005


Renee S.

All that work for delicious specimens no doubt. Important thing is how it tastes, right? Just tell your guests to close their eyes when savoring the Halsey Tart. What amazes me most is that, despite an all-nighter, you're still off to Kristapson for smoked salmon! You crazy culinary trooper. I suppose that means no Pringles tonight... or would it be lobster? :) I'm digging through my 1.5lb beast as you stood me up for our Xao Long Bao/Chinatown/Kensignton tour. :P No hard feelings. Yummy. Have a great Father's Day dinner.

Zarah Maria

Wow! I don't care how that Halsey Tart look Clement - yor picture still makes me salivate!


Huh - was the Square Peg tart from Maury Rubin's book? If so, we used the same two books! How do you find his dough as compared to Sherry Yard's?


Oh, Clement I'm so sorry your Halsey Tart didn't work out perfectly - somehow being the SHF "mom" I feel like I exhausted you in some way this month with asking you to make tarts!

The other two do look fabulous and sound scrumptious - I can't wait to read the recipes. (Oh, and welcome back to blog-land!)



Your tarts look so good! Although the Halsey tart might not resemble the picture it still very worthy of a taste.


Renée - Would you believe me if I said that I had planned it all in advance... Start cooking at midnight, and have everything ready by sunrise, so I can take pictures? It's much more efficient that way :) I'm sorry I ditched you on Saturday, but at least we were able to do it yesterday, minus the Xao Long Bao. Thanks so much for the tour - now I know where to get good stuff, and the places I should avoid. Also, if you have any leftover lobster, please feel free to bring some over!

Zarah Maria - Thanks, it actually tasted quite nice. Ugly but nice!

Jarrett - Yes, The Square Peg Pear Tart is from Maury Rubin's book. I prefer working with Rubin's dough, as it's quite forgiving, and its texture and flavour are both very nice.
(ed: only photos were posted at time of comment)

Jennifer - Don't worry! I'm just glad to be able to take part in SHF after such a long absence. I'm looking forward to Taste Canada and next month's SHF.

Liz - Thanks! Your Nutella Tart looks so decadent and delicious!


Hi Clement,

Glad to see you back in action with those tasty looking desserts of yours. As always, the presentation is excellent and the photography superb. I'm only sad to hear that the first tart didn't quite work out.


Although I'm a mania for chocolate, I have never imagined chocolate tart. I can't imagine it. Certainly chocolate goes well with pear


clement...your pictures always make me *sigh* even when it's something you call a "disaster," it's still gorgeous!


There's twix in the form of a tart? I'm sorry it didn't look as perfectly as you wanted but even after you stabbed your fork into it, it still looked scrumptious!


That Pear Frangipane Tart looks so good Clement. Will have to try it.


Reid - Thanks for your kind words. More desserts coming up this weekend!

Chocopie - I think you're right - chocolate does go well with pear. I'll try it out sometime.

Sarah - You're much too kind!

Lynn - I think it's the same components of a Twix bar in the form of a tart. Hopefully next time it'll work - the recipe in the book doesn't actually look too hard. Too bad I didn't follow it!

Ana - Thanks; I liked the Pear Frangipane very much.


Clemet, I absolutely love your pear tart. You're right. It is very refreshing to see a tart that amounts to more than just a poured filling. What great visual appeal! Bravo to you for posting about your Halsey Tart. I personally really appreciate learning from others - how else will we all improve?

As always, your photography is stellar!


hi clement, can i just say how much i enjoy reading about and looking at your fabulous creations? re: sherry yard - really love the book, but have noticed that quite a few of the recipes don't actually "match" the pictures!


Hi, I just linked to your site through A Perfect Pear. It's really nice, but, Wow. THREE different amazing tarts, AND you stayed up all night making them? I feel like a slug. A hungry slug after looking at your great photos. I picked some raspberries in the garden yesterday and then made some tartlets with them. But I still feel like a slug. Great job! I'm inspired. Should probably have a tartlet first to raise my energy level. :)


Lyn - I was debating whether I wanted to only write about the pear tarts, or also include the Halsey Tart which didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. In the end I thought it would be make for a more interesting story to include my mistakes, rather than just showing my successes. It also gave me a chance to think about where I went wrong. Unlike professional chefs, I don't feel as though I have a reputation to uphold in my cooking, however as a food writer and blogger, I do think it's important that I'm comfortable talking about my experiences, whether they're successes or failures.

J - Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm very impressed with your blog and your cooking too! I think The Secrets of Baking is a great book. Everything is very well written and well explained. However my success so far with the recipes hasn't been that great. Of course, it usually takes me at least a couple trials with most recipes to produce something decent.

Farmgirl - Thanks for visiting. With regards to staying up all night to cook - I have a problem where once I start cooking, I can't stop! Time just flies by. And because it's at night, when I would normally be sleeping, I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. I hope your raspberry tarts make you feel less sluggish!



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