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July 13, 2005



clement! you crazy canadian! lol! i can't believe you tried EVERY flavor in one visit!!!

adding you now - never too much trouble for one my favorite bloggers ;)


Didn't someone once say that insanity and genius were almost the same thing?
Clement - you are mad but I love it.

clare eats

You go girl! that's the kind of dedication us food bloggers need!


Excellent job Clement! That gelataria sounds excellent. I very seldom go to Toronto but if I do I remember to visit Solferino Cafe


Clement! I will have to come up to Toronto and visit, if I can beg and invite to hang out with you and 25 flavours of gelato! And kudos to Nancy - a fudgesicle is an admirable choice.


You're my hero! Now this is the way to do a gelato tasting! What fun :)


You might be mad, but it's all in the name of good taste so it's forgiven.



Sarah - I guess I am a bit crazy when it comes to gelato. But I did it all for you! Thanks so much for hosting Dine & Dish, and for your wonderful round-up.

Sam - I'm glad you enjoy my madness. Thanks for adding me back onto your blogroll; I really appreciate it!

Clare Eats - Thanks, glad you liked article. Oh, I should really say that I'm male :)
Ana - It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood. In Ottawa, I've only tried Pure Gelato (on Elgin St.). They had a nice selection there too.

Tara - Let me know next time you're in Toronto, and I would gladly have gelato with you!

McAuliflower - It was fun. Most people thought I was crazy, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Fatemeh - Yes, it's all in the name of good food, and a thorough restaurant review. Normally I'd never even think of trying every flavour... really!


Hi Clement,

Some of those flavors sound really interesting. I'm quite envious as it's been ages since I had decent gelato. Thank you for sharing this indulgence with us all.


Hi Reid, thanks. I'm still trying to learn what good gelato tastes like. I'd definitely like to try out a few more places known for their gelato. It's always difficult to say how good something is, if I haven't tried it at different places.


Whoa, 25 flavours in one visit? You must be a dedicated gelatotista. I've shared the same experience too, but that's only because I work in a gelateria and its part of the job ( Pretty fun job, hey).

If you ever come down to Melbourne, you should visit Trampoline Gelato. Violet rhumble, hazelnut roche and iced vovo are bestsellers, although my favourites are Caramel Pear and Lychee and Lime sorbet.

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