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July 01, 2005


clare eats

Those markets all sound great!


I'm turning green with envy! There are a few great markets and shops to visit in Calgary, but we are far from the diverse and vibrant scene you've painted of Toronto. It's certainly getting better here as the city grows, but there are still too many things I can only get by mail. Great post!


I love it when the farmer's markets open here in Ottawa, usually around early June and we only have one vendor selling vegetables that he gets from southern Ontario or the US. It is only in July that the produce from over here make their entrance along with the other vendors. Short season, but wonderful.


great post. Why is edible gold leaf illegal in Canada?


You shop in exactly the places we shop (no surprise there, really) with one exception. It is only under duress that we go to the five thieves' shop. If we plan to spend a collosal amount on produce or steak, we go to Puseteri's at Lawrence and Avenue Road (there is also a shop now on Bay street, just north of Bloor)

I think you're also into cheese, Clement? If you haven't already, you neeeeeeed to go to the Cheese Boutique (45 Ripley Avenue)- a bike ride west on the Martin Goodman trail to the bridge that crosses the Humber then go north on the east side of the Humber to Ripley.

They have some fabulous cheeses there and they are absolutely passionate about it. Ask for the aged Swiss gruyere (around 12 years old).



"You shop in exactly the places we shop" ~ Elizabeth

My thoughts exactly! That's what Canada and in particular Toronto tastes like!

Glad you have to back blogging.


I heartily second the reccomendation of the Cheese Boutique. An absolute must! What a wonderful post, Clement - one that touches on the same problem many of us were facing with this event. Canadian cuisine is borderless and far-reaching, yet utterly personal and specific to our own experiences. Well done! I am fighting an urge to hop the GO and head up to Toronto for some food therapy.


Thank you so much, Clement for this wonderful round-up of Toronto food purveyors. I'm sure I've stood next to you in line or fought over bread and produce with you at the St. Lawrence some Saturday morning...without even knowing it!
Thanks for joining in on Taste Canada - hope to see you next year!


Clare - They're all very nice. Someday I'd like to travel around the world to see how they compare to other markets.

Liz - I feel very fortunate to be living in Toronto, and I’m guessing that every city has its own specialties. I'm envious of the wonderful beef you have Alberta, and if I lived in Calgary, I'd be tempted to stop the by Bernard Callebaut factory for fresh chocolates every day!

Ana - I wish I had taken time to visit the farmer's markets when I lived in Ottawa. I’m not even sure where Ottawa’s farmer’s markets are located. I've only ever visited Byward Market, but I trust that there's something much bigger and less touristy.

Randi - I don't have any first hand information on gold leaf, but according to Golda from Golda's Kitchen: "Health Canada has determined that gold leaf and gold flakes are no longer considered non-toxic, and therefore are for decorative use only." McCalls cake decorating site also says something similar. Even though I haven't had much luck finding it in Toronto, I think you can still order it from Chocolat-chocolat
in Montreal.

Elizabeth - Thanks so much for your recommendations! I occasionally visit the Pusateri's in Yorkville, but I much prefer the one on Avenue for its larger selection. I've never been to Cheese Boutique - I've heard so much about it, and I'd definitely like to go some day soon.

Carol - I'm so glad to be living in Toronto. Our city is so diverse; I love exploring different neighbourhoods and trying foods from all around the world.

Tara - I really hope to visit Cheese Boutique soon... it's just a bit out of the way for me since I don't have a car or bike. I really liked your taste Canada entry too, your cornets look so delicious!

Jennifer - Thanks so much for hosting Taste Canada. If I ever see you at St. Lawrence, I'll be sure to say hello!


Your blog makes us want to visit Canada on a vacation in spite of the cold!

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