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August 03, 2005



Wow Clement, great job on the round-up! Can't wait to see the rest of the entries.


Thanks Clement for the round up, everything looks fantastic. Will keep tuning in daily for the rest of the entries.


Hi Clement,

wow, 90+ tea dishes and desserts! so gorgeous. thanks for your great work on round-up, can't wait to come back and check more!

clare eats

What a great job Clement!


hi clement, thanks for hosting, your infinite patience, and the terrific round-up!cheers,j


Thanks a bunch for hosting and such an amazing roundup!


Clement, you "tea"-se! =P

what a great job you've done so far on the round up! must place napkins near the monitor to wipe off the drools from looking at all the pictures ;) thanks again for hosting this round!


It really is commendable that you are dedicating so much time to detailing everyone's entry in such a thorough and personal way. Especially given the enormous amout of entries. Hats off to you! What a marvellous job!


Hi Clement,

With more than 90 entries, looks like we'll be able to view a few at a time during the week. Great idea!

Thanks again for hosting!


Great job clement.
I can't wait to go on everybody's blog to discover what tea can make...


My recipe of the perfect Verveine cup apparently didn't make it :(
Check it out at


Hi Clement :)

I'm just here to say thanks like everyone else for the time and care you are taking in this month's IMBB. Awesome job!


Great round-up. Appreciate the phenomenal effort involved. Hosting these online events is becoming more and more like the Olympics! =)


What a high class grouping of recipes!

Hmmmm... how about a cooking with tea cookbook of the entries...

you just know a publisher or two is looking this over and pitching the idea in-house!

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