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February 09, 2006



One word Clement, superb. Every one of those dishes looks fantastic. I loved the concept of the dinners and look forward to hearing all the details.

Great work.


Absolutely incredible! They all look and sound fantastic.
Much better than the Superbowl party I was at.....


What a lovely feast, Clement! A treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds. Your culinary enthusiasm and effort to get things done just right are inspirational. I have alot to learn from you.

Congratulations on the fruits of your labour and thanks for sharing them with us.



Clement Cuisine - Back with a Vengeance. Not soon enough. Rejoice!


invite me! invite me! all the courses look beautiful. cooking thanksgiving dinner was enough to drive me nuts. i can imagine how much preparation and work went into a masterpiece like this. can't wait to hear your take on how everything turned out.


amazing photographs .....cannot wait for the details


Simply gorgeous photos! Oh, that pineapple and coconut sorbet! Incredible!

It looks like your dinner was a resounding success. I can't wait to read the details!


That looks absolutely superb! That's what I call a true dinner menu. Fantastic.


Wow, your photos are beautiful and the presentation of the food is perfect


I was doing some googling about "Si Mi Lo." I notice you don't have any recipes..but I was wondering if you could let me know how you made it ^_^ My Mom loves it and I wanted to make it for her if you can point me to a place or something ^_^

Btw do you recommend any cookbooks or anything? Where do you learn to make all of these amazing foods?!


My compliments to the chef!

I cannot wait to read your accounts of preparing all of those incredible dishes.


Your dishes sound and look amazing!


Hi Clement
These look stupendous! I'm assuming that you used a mandoline to slice your avocado for your ravioli. If so, might I ask what brand of mandoline do you prefer, please? Thanks

Chubby Hubby


You should get an award for this meal. The lobster salad and the short ribs especially looks sensational. I totally agree with the rest of the online food community. It's time for you to open a restaurant. Great job!


Perfect!!! Every dish.....a perfect picture! Can't wait to read all the details.


Everything looks beautiful and perfect, Clement - great job!



Since I'm much too old to merry you, can I adopt you? Please?

I'm so glad you're back.



I meant 'marry' of course.


Clement, those dishes look spectacular! They seem to be perfectly portioned, neither would you feel "stuffed" nor will it leave you with a growling stomach. Butter-Poached Lobster - uh, wish I could have been return I would have done the dishes for everyone ;)


That is gorgeous--so artfully presented. I'm not sure I could have spoiled those dishes by acutally eating them.

Then again, they all sound so lovely, perhaps I could have managed it......


WOW! Each dish looks fantastic!
Wish I had been invited, hehe ;-)

Lady Amalthea

Clement, what a sumptuous feast! I wish I were there. Butter-poached lobster. And that ravioli! I can't wait to hear more.


hi clement, in a word, stunning! i am at a loss for words - i can only begin to imagine the time, effort, love, care, blood sweat and tears that went into the making of a meal this beautiful


Your photographs are excellent!!


Amazing. The best surprise for me, was the seared bone marrow to accompany the braised beef. Did you buy marrow separately from your butcher? Is this something that he usually does?

I will always cherish the memory of my grandmother making a big pot of stock with beef soup bones and then taking out the bone, smearing a slice of bread with the marrow, sprinkling on salt and pepper, and handing it to me, little kid that I was..

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