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February 09, 2006



Hi everyone, thank you for your very kind words.

Matt - Thanks.. I really like the concept too and I've already started planning for the next one!

Christiane - Thanks. I guess my dinner would qualify as Superbowl party too, since we ended up watching parts of it during dinner. Sort of weird I guess, but whatever works :)

Flora - Thanks. Even though it was a bit more work, I was really glad to do two dinners in a row because I could immediately correct the mistakes I made the first night in the second dinner.

Sam - Thanks.. hopefully this is just the beginning!

J. - Wow.. I took a look at your post about your dinner last Fall, and your dishes all look incredible!

Michael - Thanks!

Tania - I'm glad you thought the sorbets looks nice, because truthfully, it's the only course really designed myself! All the others were inspired by famous chefs.

Andreea - Thanks.. I can't say I cook dinners like this very often, but it's good to go all out every so often!

GastroChick - Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

Lainey - Hope the recipe is working out for you. If anyone else needs the recipe for Si Mi Lo, just send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Ivonne - Thanks, I can't wait to do it again!

Jen - Thanks!

S - Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I used a Super Benriner mandoline. It's 'super' because it's slightly wider than the normal Benriner. It's the only one I've used, so unfortunately I can't compare it to others, but it so far it works great, especially for cutting paper-thin slices. Also, I’ve yet to cut my fingers on it, which I’m most thankful for :)

Chubby Hubby - Yeah, the lobster and the ribs were definitely two of my favourites! If I ever open a restaurant, I'd invite you to be a guest chef!

Melissa - Thanks, it was lots of fun!

Keiko - Thanks, I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, but your spectacular dishes are definitely more perfect than mine!

Sara - Umm.. I guess so. As long as I don't have to do the dishes :)

Oliver - Yes, that's very true. The dishes were all quite small by themselves, sometimes only a few bites. I was initially afraid that people might think that I was being cheap by skimping on ingredients, but thankfully everyone seemed to be full at the end. You should definitely give butter-poached lobster a try - it's actually quite simple!

Jen - Thanks for your kind words. In your situation, I think I'd probably take a picture first and then dig in :)

Bron - If you came all the way to Canada just for dinner, I'd certainly invite you!

Lady Amalthea - Thanks; hopefully many more feasts ahead!

J - Thanks so much for your kind words. It did take a lot of time, but I had lots of fun in the process. Cheers to ambitious dinner parties - especially to your latest spectacular feast!

Kathryn - Thanks!

Nico - This was actually the first time I used bone marrow. One of my local butchers sells it precut, and if not for the recipe, I probably would never have bought it. But now I've tasted it, I'd definitely like to try it again, especially on bread!


clement - where did you get the recipe and the presentation for the short ribs dish? it looks wonderful. thanks,


Hi Martin - Thanks. The recipe for the short ribs is from pages 188-190 in The French Laundry Cookbook. I was unable to find a picture showing how this dish was presented at the French Laundry, so I just followed the instructions given in cookbook and garnished the dish with a few chives and a scallion sliver.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

I am only catching up with this while I see your pics on Flickr. This is amazing! Je suis epoustouflee! Did I tell you already how much I liked your blog? Non? well done now! I think I am going to learn a lot. I wish for the recipes now ;-)

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