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March 07, 2006


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Congratulations, what a great article! I adore your blog and I'm very excited for you!

Also, your dinner parties sound like a dream, not at all obsessive to me, I would love to do the same sort of thing when I move back to London in a few months--how did you go about organising that sort of event and finding the kind of guests who would be interested?


Congratulations Clement, that was a beautiful article... Thank you for sharing your special culinary adventures & moments with us :o)

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Congratulations! this looks like a great adventure

Lady Amalthea

What a wonderful article! And so detailed about your preparations, etc. You must be so proud.


Gosh, you're famous! I loved reading the details about your magnificent feast and the prep that went into it, and about your exacting standards (although I'm sorry you had to go so far over budget for your short ribs). Bravo, Clement!

Tana Butler

Great article, and a great showing for your project and your work in general!

Raspberry Sour

That's great, Clement! Congratulations, and I'm already waiting to hear about the next dinner.


Congrats, Clement. The meal looked wonderful, and you deserve full credit for the effort you invested in it.

I'm amused to hear that you too are a Queen's alum.

How's the planning for your next party going?


Hi everyone, thanks for your kind words!

Tejal - That sounds great! I'm sure your dinners will be a great success, as your food looks so delicious. For my dinners, I've just been inviting friends who have an interest in good food. Most have also been over for lunch or dinner before, so they have some idea of what to expect. It's really up to me to make them feel comfortable. For example, doing a formal restaurant service at home would probably seem pretentious and cold. But knowing your guests, you have the advantage of understanding their preferences and expectations.

poach - Thanks for taking the time to read it - hopefully many more adventures to come!

Bea - Thanks! I can't wait to do it again.

Lady Amalthea - Yeah, it's really a nice boost of confidence!

Tania - Glad you enjoyed it! I'm still a bit it surprised that Maclean's was interested in writing about my dinners (since people have dinner parties all the time). So then, I thought that perhaps I would just be an example within a much larger context. But I was so happy when I finally saw it :)

Tana Butler - Thanks! I think it's given me a burst of energy and momentum to cook and write more!

Raspberry Sour - Can't wait until the next dinner myself!

Rob - That's pretty cool... Perhaps we're instinctively following in the footsteps of Anna Olsen and Trish Magwood, who are also Queen’s alumni :) The next dinner is going well - lots of experimentation ahead.


Congrats on a wonderful article Clement! I look forward to your next culinary adventures. Your dedication and enthusiasm for food is infectious.


Hi Clement!
I can't seem to find your contact information anywhere. I'd like to talk more to you about your blog and how we can work together!

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