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May 07, 2006


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Columbus Foodie

I agree completely, but in the same sense, if the people you are cooking for are used to Mom's cooking, and you serve them up gourmet food, they might not think it's incredible no matter how incredible and good-tasting it actually is. I think some people have deep-seated food prejudices that keep them from trying new things.

Lady Amalthea

About a month ago, I want to a pretty good Italian restaurant and ordered a beef stew. The taste of the slow-cooked meat in a slightly-sweet tomato sauce was exactly the flavor combination of a beef dish my grandfather used to make. Even though it's such a simple dish, it was fabulous to me. I'll definitely return.

Mihnea Boiangiu

All you said it's true. I think the fellings are very powerful. Your post made me think of my grandma's dishes...


Well spoken. There's no taste like home...there's no taste like home...there's no taste like home...


It is true. Food and memories are linked together. Good memories with good company are equivalent of one's good meals. While bad memories often trigger distaste in that particular food, leading sometimes to "allergic" tendencies.

fruit seasons

I think my produce guide could improve the quality of your ingredients.


I totally agree. The taste of mom/grandma's cooking will always bring back some fond memories.

I just want to say that I really enjoy this blog. It is great food blogs like this that has inspired me to create my own. I look forward to your future posts.


Very insightful. I would go further however, and say that cooking is an act of love. The food absorbs, contains, and distributes the love. Consider the care that goes into choosing the food for your guests. You then take special care in the cooking so that everything will be perfect. Your food is a product of the love expended in the cooking, and the recipient feels the love as well as tastes the food. Thats why we crave moms cooking- because it contains moms love.


I love that!
Though, I always think the real secret is major salt and tons of butter. The key to happiness in my world anyway!

Andre Terreault

You forgot love in your formula. Technique and ingredients are all ggod, but if you don't add love, you end up with mechanical hotel food. :-)


I really like your breakdown about what makes food good. I think ingredients are key. Using amazing and sometimes expensive ingredients all around, can sometimes be too much. My personal advice is to use good meat. Not expensive, best cut or any of that terminology. I mean, natural and healthy. No antibiotics or hormones. A trusted brand that I remember my parents always using is Coleman Natural. Goodness all around. Coleman Natural

Thanks for your thoughts. They made my day!


You must love to cook, that is if you expect it to come out great. Love is the secret ingredient.

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