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April 22, 2007


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Excellent writing! For the marketing - why not read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell? My son gave me a copy the other day & I thoroughly enjoyed it! You may too.

Keep up the beautiful writing, I love reading - even if only for the writing. Congrats.


I have to agree with everyone on this, your blog is really stunning - I share your passion about food - even though at the moment I a bit of a foodie with a difference. I have reached the time of my life where I have to accept the fact that I have an obsession with food and at the moment do a blog on the history of food. Its very hard work and takes mountains of research so I really need to read blogs like yours. Your blog is like sitting next to a river, if you can understand what I mean. Quiet and warm and ...... just perfect.

Oh yes, and that piece on the taste of food - how I wish restaurants the world over would teach their chefs that.....

Keep it up.

Plantation Caribbean Restaurant

Being side tracked is not exclusive to you everyone suffers from this problem all the time I would add.

Forcing myself back to the blog, I look forward to reading more...


Thank you for the post I love your writing and your blog!


good you are back!


Mouth watering posts. It is your fault people are eating so much ;-)

Jeff Lopez

This blog is interesting. I like the way you go over and research into the minute details that make food taste better. You've come up with flavour, a research carried out in your new lab(kitchen). On that I can say, there is not a better flavour than the one my cigar Habanos can boast of!


Love your blog and glad you are back.

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